M Duffy GroupWelcome to M Duffy Group, an independent consulting service for Higher Education administrators who manage campus dining services.

Since 1987, our founder, Mary Duffy, has been a trusted advocate for the campus clients who choose, negotiate and manage the complexities of campus dining.

Often criticized, we know that campus dining, from resident , to retail to catering, represents significant time investment, never-ending problem solving and great potential for funding the mission of the university.

But, making a success out of the financial challenges to campus dining is no sure bet anywhere; add in the demands and profit goals of a dining contractor and you could have the promise of sky-high satisfaction or the stuff or mischief….or something between.

M Duffy Group has carved out a reputation for defending campus client financial and dining service needs while working to support the selection of a best dining contractor as your business partner.

When it comes right down to it, MDG, is your trusted resource.

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